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A turnkey eco-system that drives value, innovation, inclusion, and a greener future for mother earth Globally…

About Us

FRESH START is a proud Indigenous owned company that since our humble inception we have forged a positive reputation with governments and major corporates globally through our proactive innovative approach to developing and acquiring an in house eco system of brands and companies to tackle some of our globes biggest issues in sustainability, medicine, logistics and social inclusion. 

We are continually working with our key partners and communities in which we operate to raise the bar in the important areas of social equality, socio economic status for disadvantaged groups, driving a greener more sustainable future for Mother Earth, medical innovation, and a great accessibility in connecting the globes supply chain.

Support us on this journey

Our unique point of difference in Fresh Start is that we have ownership for every step of the way within our very own eco system, we offer a full suite of turnkey sustainable solutions and services to our public and private partners with each product in the market having a broader impact on not only the communities in which we operate but resulting in a greener more sustainable footprint on Mother Earth. 

We believe in empowering socially disadvantaged groups and strengthening, socio-economic growth through tailored initiatives and giving back to mother earth through innovative turn key green energy solutions.

We believe it is important to continue to challenge the globes way of thinking so that we raise the bar every day.

Our message is simple we will champion change for the key areas of need through our globe’s biggest issues. We will not only continue to challenge the way we think but we will stay humble but proactive in our approach to ensure we remain at the forefront of being solution driven in the globe’s critical areas of Environmental sustainability, social equality, innovative medicine supply chain and logistics.

Our Brands

TRU Recognition platform optimises and analyses data specific to real-time needs. It’s the only platform able to leverage and scale existing infrasTRUcture into something far more powerful and accurate.

Privacy and Ethics considerations has been at the heart of what we do. Our focus on responsible recognition strengthens every aspect of the value we deliver to our clients and their customers – ethically and reliably.

Where fashion meets renewable energy. This pioneering brand sits at the forefront of the fashion and renewable energy landscape, offering innovative solar-powered travel accessories that seamlessly blend style and sustainability. Sol + Sonder empowers modern explorers to embark on their adventures with confidence. 

With a relentless commitment to fashion-forward design and solar energy solutions, they are revolutionising sustainable travel and creating a greener, more connected world

We’ve created a platform that securely communicates with and controls virtually any solar system, battery or load, delivering performance intelligence, insight and remote management capabilities.

Now every device, and every corner of the grid can be coordinated, delivering the flexibility required for the transition to a renewable energy future, at a time we really need it.

Stormcloud is SwitchDin's secure, flexible, vendor-neutral Virtual Power Plant platform

The Payment App Pty Ltd (TPA) is disrupting the traditional relationship between users, merchants, and financial institutions. In the areas of financial, property and insurance technologies .

TPA offers veritcally integrated solutions via its innovative SaaS platform. Currently in market the platform processes over 1 million payments a month and $500 million per year. Our vision is to transform financial engagement between between all parties involved by leveraging vertical-based ecosystem strategies. With a range of products including banking as a service, KYC and payments, clients can manage their payment transactions through secure APIs, providing customers with flexibility and peace of mind.

Transforming the lives of patients with a safe, secure, sustainable supply of therapeutic plasma products. Every day we strive to place the patient first by providing therapeutic plasma products they would not otherwise be able to access.

At Aegros we believe access to life saving therapeutic plasma drugs is a human right and not a privilege.

With COVID magnifying our globes chronic supply chain issues Fresh Start acquired FSL to ensure we can continue to control the solution.  Fresh Start Logistics provides quality freight and logistics solutions.

We are committed to providing cost-efficient, professional freight forwarding services, tailored exclusively to the needs of our partners on time and on budget.

Our global network of air freight affiliates means we can address even the most complex of logistical requirements. With decades of expertise behind us, we are equipped for all logistical needs globally.

The right people for the right jobs in your industry. One of Australia’s largest B2B service providers with 11 separate service divisions across all major industry government and corporate

Unlocking investment opportunities in women-led companies

 Australia’s first Equity Crowdfunding platform for early-stage growth, women-led companies. 

Pro Line is a market leading manufacturer of UV liner which has been developed for the trenchless rehabilitation of traditional corrosion-sensitive materials like concrete, clay and steel pipes.

Pro Line offers a UV liner with 12 months shelf life which allows us to hold significant stock in our Australian warehouses offering our customers greater availability of UV liner across all sizes all year round. Pro Line's mission is to solve water and sewerage rehabilitation challenges in the safest, efficient and cost effective way.

Our experience in UV liner supply and research makes us fit for the looming pipe infrastructure rehabilitation challenges countries are facing. Pro Line is a customer focused supplier and we pride ourselves on partnering with our customers through the whole life cycle of a project; from planning through to installation. 

Kept Safety is an indigenous-owned safety and PPE supply company.

As a TGA-approved supplier, they provide an exclusive range of products, including gloves, face masks, ear muffs and drug/alcohol tests to retail and B2B customers.

Kept has a proud partnership with the Australian Indigenous education fund where a portion of our sales goes directly towards supporting indigenous university scholarships.

We believe in empowering socially disadvantaged groups and strengthening their socio economic growth through employment pathway initiatives along with sponsorship and financial support into higher education opportunities.

Gathar are the curators of incredible dining experiences. Our platform brings the best local chefs and produce to your table, creating gatharings of all shapes and sizes, from lively dinner parties to intimate date nights and corporate events, across Australia and the US.

Simply choose or create the perfect menu and your Gathar Culinarian arrives with everything needed to cook, serve, and clean up afterwards. 

After serving up tens of thousands of 5-star dishes Down Under, we’ve brought our innovative platform Stateside – proudly supported by our US Co-founder, celebrity chef Curtis Stone.


Crowdfunding AFSL Pty Ltd (known as is a licensed crowd-sourced funding intermediary with an investment platform.

The team behind work closely within the early-stage growth ecosystem and as former founders with experience launching and growing start-ups, raising capital and entering new markets, we provide support and insights to help you to navigate equity crowdfunding with ease.

Bluesky Beverages Pty Ltd is committed to driving a global change away from single use plastic beverage containers to infinitely recyclable aluminium bottles.

We have developed a unique fully integrated print to fill process that allows businesses of any size to make the make transition from plastic to custom printed or house brand aluminium bottles.

We have the pleasure of working with hotel chains, councils, federal and state government, tourist destinations and many independent companies committed to making a positive change.

Mizzie The Kangaroo is Home to Award-winning, Australia’s Original Natural Teething Toy® and educational toys that babies and toddlers emotionally connect with.

Mizzie The Kangaroo products give the best start in life and have the core purpose to develop babies and toddlers through fun. With a strong focus on sustainability, purposefulness and natural materials, Mizzie is fully circular with the world’s first recycling program.

Mizzie The Kangaroo is on a mission to reduce unnecessary toy-waste, introduce innovations and transform the industry to be more sustainable and purpose-led.

Fresh Start Energy is a single source solution for full deployment of renewable energy for Governments, Utilities and Industry.

Looking after all aspects of the project from Design, Manufacture and installation, Ongoing Maintenance, Grid connectivity, Virtual Power Plants and Grid smoothing, Demand Energy Response to Ongoing reporting and carbon credit capture.

Introducing the world’s first redeploy able rooftop solar solution.

Solpod deploys commercial- grade solar panels on raised aluminum pods that can be installed within hours on industrial rooftops. The pods are mobile and can easily be re-deployed. Not only can tenants enjoy the benefits of free power they can turn their site into there very own virtual power station.

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