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Finally, An End-To-End Waste Management Solution That Saves You Money, Increases Productivity & Helps The Planet

Organise Your Free Waste Management Audit Now And Start Saving Up To 20% On Your Waste Costs, and Learn how to divert as much as 90% of your waste to renewable resources

Providing You With Unbiased Waste Management Advice To ensure your company is helping, not harming the environment

The cost of disposing waste from your business is a necessary cost, just like paying tax.

Just because it is necessary, it doesn't mean it has to cost as much as you are currently paying.

Fresh Start Australia can provide your business with a free health check that will give you the peace of mind that you are not paying too much to dispose of the waste on your site.

We can provide you with all waste management solutions under the one roof with all account management, customer service, and invoicing for all waste streams under the one roof.

As part of our audit, we will also see the effectiveness of your recycling programme. When engaged, we will work with you, your staff and clients to put in place processes that divert as much waste from landfill to renewable sources as possible.

Diverting waste from landfill provides your business with the double bottom line benefit of reduced costs and improved sustainability. 

Do You Know Exactly How Successful Your Waste Management System Is?

If you don't have a 24/7 waste management dashboard that clearly outlines exactly how effective your waste removal is then we'd advise you to audit your system now. 

Why? Because to truely ensure you're getting the best value for money, and you're not unknowingly harming the environment with your waste removal system, you must have live data on your expenditures, landfill rates and many other crucial factors 

Allow us to clearly outline how you can gain such a dashboard, along with how you can easily maximise your recycling rates to ensure your waste streams go to the correct place, every time. 

Answer These Questions For your own business

  • Do you know what waste your company is creating?
  • Do you know where this waste is going after its put into your bins?
  • Do you receive regular reporting from your waste company on what happens to your waste?
  • Do you have KPIs in place with your waste provider to reduce the amount of your waste going to landfill and into recycling and renewables?
  • Have you reviewed your waste costs since you signed your waste contract with your current supplier?

If you answered 'NO' to any of these questions, you need to act. 

We can audit your current situation, highlight potential savings, process improvements and environmental benefits. 

In a 30-minute No-Obligation Waste Audit from Fresh Start, we can outline how to save as much as 20% and potential environmental improvements, which are yours to accept or ignore.

Not Only Will We Improve Your Environmental Impact, But We'll Reduce Your Costs Too

We're not aligned to any waste management supplier, which means we are not pinned down to supplier demands. Therefore, we have complete flexibility, allowing us to easily and consistently negotiate the best rates for you. 

We'll start by analysing every segment of your waste management strategy to expose the key areas where you're missing out on cutting costs and increasing profits in an ethical way.

We do this because we've found in some cases as much as 80% of your waste may be going into landfill. Reducing this is the key to improving your environmental impact and reducing your waste costs. 

Allow us to put an end to the guesswork and audit your system completely free of charge and obligation today.

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General Waste


Hazardous Waste

Construction Waste

Secure Document Destruction

Washroom Services

We're Helping You Help The Environment...

To Stop Landfill Like This

One Point Of Contact For All Waste - No Matter How Many Sites You Have

1 Invoice For All Your Waste Management - No More Cluttered Accounts

Access To A 24/7 Help Desk & Account Management

Book In Your Free Waste Audit With Us Now To See How Much You Can Be Saving On Your Waste Management Processes

Book in a time to have a no-obligation chat with the FreshStart team to discover how much you could be saving in your waste management processes.

Companies that take this session often discover they could be saving over 10-20% in their annual expenditure on waste.

Because this is no-obligation, even if you're under contract the only thing you're missing out on is potential savings!

In addition to the cost savings, we'll run you through how to be more efficient with your waste, so that you can be a leader in sustainability in your industry and community. 

Organise Your Free Consultation

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