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Facility management services far exceed just maintaining the day to day productivity of the building you work in. Here are four ways facility management companies should be planning ahead to save your company money in the new year. Perform a Facility

To put it simply, schools are breeding grounds for germs. Especially in their younger years, children touch everything and are still learning the correct practices for hygiene and germ control. Although the common cold and other schoolyard illnesses are unavoidable

When you hear facility management services, you would assume their work revolves completely around the infrastructure of buildings and workplaces. What you may not realise is that facility management services go far beyond just the upkeep of the buildings you

Fresh Start Australia is not just another mindless corporate cleaning company that exists just to make money. We understand that looking after our communities, workers and selves stretches far beyond performing premium corporate cleaning services. We have placed a large

Comprehensive facilities management is essential for any business, office and facility to run successfully. The roles of all facility management companies are to handle matters regarding any physical facilities or properties of their appointed clients. By maintaining large and valuable