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How to Evaluate Your Corporate Cleaning Company

At Fresh Start Australia we understand that in the same way our company has a standard of work ethic and production, so does yours. As important as it is for your desk staff to produce quality content for your company, it is essential that your corporate cleaning services are performed thoroughly.

Sometimes it can be hard to accurately evaluate the standard of your corporate cleaning services if everything appears to be ‘cleaned’. There are many more things to consider than sparkly bench tops and smudge free mirrors.

To accurately evaluate your corporate cleaning company consider these factors.

Are they consistent?

When employing a corporate cleaning company you’d expect that the cleaning standards you have set are met every day. Sometimes, corporate cleaning companies start off working at a high standard to secure their job with your company but eventually start taking shortcuts. If you notice that the standard of corporate cleaning services is falling short, it is perhaps time to have a discussion with the cleaning manager or look for a new company.

Do they listen to constructive criticism?

Understandably, cleaners are people and as people, none of us can be expected to be completely perfect day after day. Sometimes mistakes are made or tasks are left incomplete not on purpose. When you pick up your corporate cleaning services are falling short, your first step should not be to argue or discipline. Instead, approach the manager and explain where you feel there could be some improvement. Once given the chance, if your standards aren’t met then it may be time to consider a probation period or switching companies.

Are they up to your standard?

Corporate cleaning services can often be pricey considering it is a service performed quite frequently. You would obviously be wanting to get your money’s worth. This does not just mean that they perform the tasks at hand, or that they rock up to work on time but it also means the quality of work they produce, the attitudes of the staff and the quality of equipment they use. It is especially important to understand and evaluate what type of cleaning products your corporate cleaning company is using. If the company you have employed is using harmful chemicals that not only is putting their workers at risk but yours too.

The corporate cleaning teams at Fresh Start Australia are all integrated on a 24-hour system called Helpdesk. This customer portal provides you, our customers the opportunity to evaluate our staff and their work instantly. It also gives our staff the chance to raise any concerns or issues during jobs. This way we streamline communication between you and your corporate cleaning company, which encourages open dialogue and high-quality corporate cleaning services.

To employ Fresh Start Australia’s professional, highly qualified corporate cleaning team contact us in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney today.  

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