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Facilities Management

Integrated Facility Management Services & Solutions

What can we do for you?

Fresh start offers a large range of integrated facility services. No matter what the job, we will always provide qualified tradespeople to ensure the highest standard of service is supplied, and the risk of injury or litigation is significantly lowered across fields such as electrical, plumbing and building services.

Business owners have a lot on their plate. Whether you’re starting a company or you’re established, ensuring its success is no easy task. A vital part of business ownership or management is the maintenance of the facilities— however, nobody starts a business so that they can spend all their time maintaining the building. That’s where we come in.

We take care of the integrated services maintenance, so you have time to focus on building your business.  We can give you a full key turn service, meaning that you’re not having to deal with a ton of separate contractors and businesses; all the services you need are taken care of by us.  

We partner with our clients believing openness and transparency form the cornerstone of this alliance, enabling Fresh Start Australia to provide a clean, healthy environment. Our experience in commercial, domestic, light industrial, industrial and open-air precincts allow us to develop the scope of the works with accurate costings. We employ the right person, with the right skills for the job.


What are Facilities Management services and the benefits surrounding it?

In regards to workplaces, and buildings, more businesses and companies are now seeking ways via which they can optimize space, and facilitates more efficiently and effectively to bring down the cost, and generates more revenue; this is where Integrated facility services come into play.

Most businesses owners now realize that in order for them to focus on essential business practices, as well as gain a strong foothold in the market, they need to outsource their non-core business activities. This allows you to focus your efforts on the company’s main objectives. Well-Organized and successful outsourcing can help enhance business profitability, enhance productivity, and limit risks.

In the process of outsourcing, two key parameters come into play; selecting the right facilities management company to work with, and the best facility method of approach to implement.

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Facilities Management

There are two types of facility management approach you can use for your business; single and integrated facility services.

Single facility service allows you to outsource parts of your businesses to different service providers according to their portfolio. So, this could entail you outsourcing to a security provider, a catering provider, and other independent providers. The advantages of this are that it lets you focus on your core business, while the independent providers do what they do best. This leads to more quality service, and improve efficiency. Ultimately your employees are more focus on areas of your business that are vital and save resources on the non-essential activities.

The major drawback of single facility service is that you are working with multiple service providers, and this means more time, resources and risk involved in integrating each part.

On the other hand, integrated facility management is responsible for all the services you outsource. The Integrated facility management services handle everything that has to do with administration, integration, administration, and support to your business. So rather than working with several independent entities, everything is under one roof.

Working with Integrated facility management companies creates an avenue to enjoy cost efficiencies, and economic benefits while also leading to more quality service and improved productivity.


Benefits of integrated facilities management

  • Reduction in operating cost and also simplifying facilities management as you only get to work with one service provider
  • It leads to the implementation of innovative techniques and best practices, and both ensure you make the best decisions and limit risk.

We also facilities management in Brisbane.

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