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As part of our preventative maintenance programme, we can give clients options to utilise Internet of Things (IOT) Sensor technology. IOT Sensors allows Fresh Start Australia to remotely have diagnostics available on our client’s assets 24 hours a day. The sensors alert our staff when key assets are entering amber and red zones and require attention. The early alert enables our technicians to be onsite to correct an issue before it becomes material and before it is even known to your staff and clients.

IOT Sensors allows Fresh Start Australia to retrofit any building, no matter its age or condition into a Smart Building. We have sensors that can be configured to monitor remotely most scenarios, including: HVAC Systems, Refrigeration issues, Detect plumbing and leaks, Monitor Data Centre Temp Control, Electricity consumption, UPS Power Interruption, Light, Flooding, Roller Door breakdowns, Security system integrity, Motor and pump health.

24/7 Help Desk

Fresh Start Australia has a 24-hour Help Desk and online customer portal that provides our clients with the opportunity to supervise the maintenance of their sites. All technicians are integrated into our system which ensures that all jobs are completed at the highest standard.

We have invested heavily in robust end-to-end cloud-based IT&T Infrastructure that supports integrated ‘Paperless Operations’ which are less resource-intensive, and provide exceptional efficiency of data capture, record keeping and storage, with enhanced Client and Employee user satisfaction via online Portal and Mobile Apps.

Remote Monitoring Sensor Programme

FSA can offer our clients as part of the full integrated facility management services a remote monitoring sensor programme. The sensors run off their own network, accessing a 3G network through portals we install onsite. The sensors are able to be used to monitor a number of different scenarios on different assets, to assist in managing the lifecycle of the asset.

FSA’s preventative maintenance programme is matched with our remote monitoring system, that allows us to have major assets monitored around the clock 365 days a year. The sensors work by being attached to the asset, monitoring key diagnostic indicators, such as temperature, usage, electrical voltage, excessive vibrations, gas leaks and presence of liquids.

They can be used to monitor the performance of electrical and mechanical equipment checking to see if the equipment is running at optimal levels. We can use the data we get, which can include amongst other checks on the equipment the level of vibration, temperature, usage and the presence of liquid to review the performance of the asset and compare to benchmarks. This is used to manage the preventative maintenance programme on the asset, and gives our service technicians substantially more data on how a piece of equipment is running than they would have at a standard service check.


Temperature sensors can be used in refrigeration equipment where perishable products such as food and medicine need to be kept at specific temperatures. The sensors can be used either as a check on current temperature monitoring processes, as required by HACCP, or in the place of HACCP checks. High-risk businesses such as Aged Care Facilities & Hospitals can utilise the sensors to assist their kitchen providers either in-house or outsourced to monitor food temperatures ensuring that the product is safe at all times.

Temperature sensors can be used in conjunction with a preventative maintenance programme, with technicians engaged to visit a site when the temperature is continually outside of agreed temperature range.

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