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Our Innovation


Fresh Start Australia’s on-site service delivery is supported by best of breed Information Technology and Telecommunication infrastructure that allows our staff to manage the needs of our clients and not be bogged down in paperwork failures in compliance.  

Our helpdesk is available 24 hours a day, either via phone, online or via phone apps.

Our Online Portal

All FSA’s clients are given access to our online portal, powered by Urbanise. This allows clients to have full access and transparency to how their assets are managed. As with all FSA does the system is configurable to our individual client’s needs, even allowing different levels of visibility and access within your organisation to give your staff access to the level of information that they require to do their job.

Our portal can be used to:

–  Request a service call

– Check the status of a service call, with updated real-time expected job completion times

– Monitor preventative maintenance service, including future scheduled work

– Review and approve quotes for ad hoc work

– Acces full financial reporting showing a break up of costs by agreed cost centres

Through the Portal, FSA can also cater for clients that need to on-charge costs to other businesses or tenants in the facilities they manage. A customer portal can be created for these tenants and can be linked to a separate account for invoicing or to a linked credit card. This works ideally for body corporate business, strata management business, and buildings that sublet part of their tenancy to other businesses.

24/7 Help Desk

FSA’s Help Desk is available to be contacted via phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Help Desk can be contacted for any needs, and can be used to expedite any requests. The FSA Help Desk is responsible for all scheduling of jobs with our field staff.

Our field staff access all information online, via their phones and tablets. This gives the Help Desk real-time knowledge of where our staff are and monitor how they are tracking to complete their required jobs.

Remote Monitoring Sensor Programme

FSA can offer our clients as part of the full integrated facility management services a remote monitoring sensor programme. The sensors run off their own network, accessing a 3G network through portals we install onsite. The sensors are able to be used to monitor a number of different scenarios on different assets, to assist in managing the lifecycle of the asset.

FSA’s preventative maintenance programme is matched with our remote monitoring system, that allows us to have major assets monitored around the clock 365 days a year. The sensors work by being attached to the asset, monitoring key diagnostic indicators, such as temperature, usage, electrical voltage, excessive vibrations, gas leaks and presence of liquids.

They can be used to monitor the performance of electrical and mechanical equipment checking to see if the equipment is running at optimal levels. We can use the data we get, which can include amongst other checks on the equipment the level of vibration, temperature, usage and the presence of liquid to review the performance of the asset and compare to benchmarks. This is used to manage the preventative maintenance programme on the asset, and gives our service technicians substantially more data on how a piece of equipment is running than they would have at a standard service check.


Temperature sensors can be used in refrigeration equipment where perishable products such as food and medicine need to be kept at specific temperatures. The sensors can be used either as a check on current temperature monitoring processes, as required by HACCP, or in the place of HACCP checks. High-risk businesses such as Aged Care Facilities & Hospitals can utilise the sensors to assist their kitchen providers either in-house or outsourced to monitor food temperatures ensuring that the product is safe at all times.

Temperature sensors can be used in conjunction with a preventative maintenance programme, with technicians engaged to visit a site when the temperature is continually outside of agreed temperature range.

Want to know more about our innovation? Call us today on 1300 859 361 or fill out your details and one of our specialists will contact you.

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