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FSA is a diverse, integrated facilities management organisation which brings expertise in all soft and hard facilities services, asset management, hospitality and capital works. We can design a solution to suit your organisation’s needs.

Our services can be packaged to offer a full solution or individual work packages can be chosen.



Waste Management

Grounds Management


Trafic Management






Labour Hire

Turnkey Management

Using our online portal, powered by Urbanise and our 24-hour helpdesk we can manage all trades and services to keep your building operational and running. Offering a planned and reactive maintenance.

FSA provides high and low technical maintenance services. We have qualified and highly trained staff to ensure the highest standard of service is supplied.

Our teams have been trained to be reliable, courteous and knowledgeable; we meet our commitments with flexibility and efficiency each time. The FSA maintenance division takes the responsibility of these services off the Site/Building Managers allowing full concentration to focus on their core business.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

A good preventative maintenance programme should be like, a good umpire. It ensures everything is running and in good order, while at the same time going relatively unnoticed. It should ensure that all equipment whether critical or not is kept running at optimal levels while allowing your business to focus on your core business.

FSA designs preventative maintenance programs specific to your individual requirements. We give you access to an online portal showing your asset register and the condition of each asset, including service details.

Assets will also be tracked by our Remote Monitoring Sensors, giving FSA an additional eye on their performance. This allows us to keep an eye on your asset outside of standard maintenance check-ups and allows us to prioritise service scheduling on real requirements. Sensors will assist in reducing costs by reducing breakdowns, which can cause site shutdowns and out of hours/urgent call out

Construction Projects

FSA has the experience and capability to work in construction and infrastructure projects. We can be the lead project manager or work on individual work packages in larger projects. Weare currently working with a number of tier one builders providing services such as waste management, traffic control, security and waste management.

As lead project manager we have constructed a remote site village and a number of medium-sized commercial properties including, corporate offices, retail outlets and warehouses.

Waste Management

FSA offers a waste management audit process that guarantees to reduce the cost of your waste, across all streams. We can undertake a full audit of your current waste management process. After the audit, you will have a detailed understanding of your waste programme and a proposal from FSA under our brokerage model. During the audit we review operational practises to see if there are any processes that could be applied to reduce waste and analyse any areas that we can assist in reducing waste, and limiting what needs to go to landfill.

FSA offers a single contact for all your waste requirements nationally. Whilst we subcontract the waste removal, FSA takes full responsibility for coordinating the waste removal and all environmental requirements, including reporting.

We have found that we can save an organisation up to 25% on their waste costs, through our waste expertise, processes and concentrated buying power.

Contact us now to organise your waste audit.

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