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Remote Services

Remote Village Services

FSA is committed to sustainable management of facilities specialised in servicing Australia’s remote and regional living sector. FSA meets the demanding challenge of remote service delivery with site-specific design and administration planning. We design, mobilise, accommodate and cater to all aspects of remote living.  

FSA is able to supply a competitive pricing structure, based on best practices in supply chain and labour management. We can offer fully transparent price model and will work with clients on continual cost reducing initiatives on site, without impacting on the quality of our offering and also the safety and happiness of our client’s workforce.

We have experience in all aspects of remote village management including but not limited to:

Construction of all permanent or temporary buildings – Accommodation Management – Airstrip and flight management – On-Site Catering and Supply Chain – Housekeeping & Site Cleaning – Landscaping – Waste Management – HVAC – Security – Health and Fitness Programmes – Entertainment

Healthy and Happy Workforce

Our focus is on keeping workers safe, healthy and happy, in order to get them to work safer and help them to be more productive.  Living away from home on a remote village can be strenuous.  As such we understand the importance of creating an environment that reproduces the comforts of home away from home to your workforce.

Menus are designed to give workers on site tasty and nutritious meals, with a variety that improves their daily life. Where possible meals are made to order allowing workers to choose what they want to eat each day, and giving them a chance to have a rich and varied diet.

FSA has created an on-site activity and entertainment programme that is the benchmark of the industry. Health & fitness programmes with guest trainers including professional sportspeople and entertainment including live music and comedy.

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