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Four Ways You will Save Money this Year with Facility Management Services

Facility management services far exceed just maintaining the day to day productivity of the building you work in. Here are four ways facility management companies should be planning ahead to save your company money in the new year.

Perform a Facility Condition Assessment

This year your facility management company should perform a Facility Condition Assessment (FCA). The beginning of the year is the perfect time to conduct a building-wide inspection to identify short term and long term costs and risk for the maintenance of your building.

This is one of the most essential facility management services, as it will create the basis of an updated financial plan by identifying the following:

Routine and deferred maintenance requirements

  • Capital replacement needs
  • Overall system compliance and functionality 
  • Compatibility with contiguous systems 
  • A prioritised list of repairs
  • The lifespan of existing building systems 

Your Facility Condition Assessment should be kept up to date and accurate as it is key to predicting the performance of your building systems.

Budgeting for Maintenance

Once your facility management company has updated your buildings Facility Conditions Assessment they will be able to identify what expenditures will need to be included in the maintenance budget outside of the usual day-to-day expenses.  

By factoring in these prioritised repairs in your maintenance budget, your company is then prepared for the necessary actions needed to preserve the building and its assets.

Preventative Screening

When it comes down to it, facility management services are most effective when performed in a timely manner. The best way to save money is to catch a problem before it is a problem. To do this your facility management company needs to monitor your building adits assets 24/7.

Fresh Start Australia uses the Internet of Things Sensor Technology (IoT) which provides us with cost-effective, environmentally conscious and preventative facility management services. IoT Sensors allow us as facility managers to remotely diagnose any threats that may be posed to your companies assets before they become a large costly issue by monitoring your building every hour of the week.

Contingency Budgeting

As a part of their facility management services, facility management companies should create a contingency budget that not only reflects the priorities outlined in your FCA but should also cater to any unexpected costly issues that could arise down the road.

This way, when something like your companies plumping or roofing needs maintenance your business will not take a huge financial hit as money was already continuously stored away for these instances.

Even with IoT Sensor technology and early intervention large maintenance projects can be fairly costly. Therefore a deferred maintenance contingency budget should be a necessary part of any business plan.

Contact us at Fresh Start Australia today to level up your facility management services and be a step ahead from the start of this year. Our comprehensive facility management services are available in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

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