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Corporate Facilities Management

Stay on Top of your Corporate Facilities Management with Fresh Start Australia’s Innovative Technology

Time is money. We bet you have heard this saying countless times before. But what does it actually mean?

It can be looked at a few ways. One way is the time you spend on something, doing something or invested in something is time you have spent making money or spending money. It is also a precaution to not waste your time on unnecessary services, tasks or activities.

Another way to interpreter this saying is that good timing or timeliness can save you money. At Fresh Start Australia we believe this is an attitude that all corporate facilities management providers should live by.

Successful corporate facilities management is identifying problems before they arise and there is pressure to find a quick solution that won’t cost the company a day of work or emergency expenses. In order to provide useful facility management services, Fresh Start Australia proudly employs Internet of Things (IoT) Sensor Technology.

With this completely innovating and new technology, we are able to provide the most cost-effective, environmentally safe and preventative facility management services. IOT Sensors allow your facilities management providers to remotely have diagnostics available on our client’s assets for 24 hours a day, every day of the week.  

By installing IOT it allows us to detect any early threats to assets, allowing early intervention to stop an issue before it becomes an expensive or dangerous issue. Our preventative maintenance program using IOT Sensors saves your company lots of corporate facilities management money in several ways.

Because of the early intervention opportunities your facilities management providers can have, it provides an opportunity to organise maintenance workers before the problem is too big. By enabling technician callouts to be scheduled instead of last minute, it reduces call out fees and out of hour costs for your company.

IOT ensures assets are serviced annually and promptly, especially at first signs of equipment struggle. This lengthens the lifespan of your assets, and a well running, serviced machine is less likely to need replacement sooner, therefore costing less to own and run.

Furthermore, IOT Sensors monitors and ensures your facilities management providers that your assets are running at optimal levels. If assets were functioning at lower than optimal levels, they tend to drain more energy and power, therefore, running up the costs of power bills.

Fresh Start Australia is more than just your standard facilities management providers. We aren’t the kind of company who want to just be called in when there is a big expensive problem that you need to be fixed. We want to be on your team from the moment we make contact. working to ensure that your assets, corporate space and buildings are kept in such good condition they cause you no issues.

To begin employing Fresh Start Australia and Internet of Things Sensors for your facility management services, contact us in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

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