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Building Management

Building Management Companies - We can manage the ins and outs of your Building in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney

Our strata management services means your building will always be taken care of and in the best hands.

We will handle all your maintenance- Our attention to detail is what helps make us one of the top strata management companies. We will identify when trouble arises, and fix it always within the designated time frame. Small day to day occurrences like keeping the pools clean, repainting the hallways or serving the elevators is taken care of. We also ensure that all areas of your property are maintaining environmentally friendly practices where applicable and of course, we make sure that everything is always safe.

We have a ton of handymen at the ready for when small things pop up, or big jobs need to be taken care of.  All of our handymen are industry trained, and with our roots in recruitment, we are making sure that we always have the best people available. Landscaping is also taken care of to the highest of standards when you choose Fresh Start Australia to take care of strata management.


We offer corporate industrial cleaning, but we are equipped and ready to clean any space that may need it. FSA can work with your organisation or property to build a cleaning solution that fits your requirements including a dedicated workforce ensuring clean and comfortable sites and facilities. FSA cleaners are well presented, uniformed, trained to be unobtrusive, dedicated and professional in their attendance to all site requirements and duties.

Building positive relationships

At Fresh Start Australia, we care about your business, your building and its needs. We will take the time to understand what we can do best for you, and create a unique plan to make sure your needs are met. We will work with the people who occupy your buildings to make sure that they are satisfied— you can focus on what’s most important. We will arrange the appropriate insurance, make sure everything is running smoothly and work as a peacemaker of sorts.

When it comes to making sure that all your tenants and owners are getting along and on the same page, we are here to help. Our well-trained staff have the tools and knowledge appropriate for problem-solving, settling disputes and smoothing out any issues that may arise.

Do you need assistance? Call us today on 1300 859 361 or fill out your details and one of our specialists will contact you.

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