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How Smart Technology is Affecting Building Facilities Management

How Smart Technology is Affecting Building Facilities Management – Fresh Start Australia in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney

Smart technology-enabled buildings are no longer a niche market in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane; connected buildings are quickly being a gold standard in building facilities management, and for good reason. Smart buildings are allowing businesses to function more efficiently and effectively with the help of leading building management. At Fresh Start, we strive to constantly innovate in order to deliver the highest standards of quality in building management which is why we are constantly looking for new technologies to benefit your business and it’s assets.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of sensors, meters and appliances that are equipped with 3G capabilities to send and receive data. Smart technology and the IoT are benefiting building facilities management by providing detailed information about the efficiency and effectiveness of buildings and facilities so that business and building management teams are able to identify inefficiencies and decide on the most appropriate course of action.

A huge part of smart technologies in building facilities management is their ability to keep extensive records about the efficiency of assets in order to identify when it is time for preventative maintenance to take place. This allows Fresh Start’s building management team to manage your business’ assets in order to increase the lifespan and efficiency of buildings, whilst ensuring the safety of employees, occupants and members of the public in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Remote Monitoring Building Management in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane

At Fresh Start, we offer our Remote Monitoring Programme to clients in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane as part of our integrated building facilities management services. Our remote sensor program involves Fresh Start monitoring the information collected from specialised sensors installed on site and compiling them on one, building management platform. The sensors can be used to monitor a number of different scenarios on different assets and buildings, all of which assist Fresh Start in managing the lifecycle and any preventative maintenance needed by the building.

Some building management personnel are concerned that automation could replace their work functions, but building automation is only one part of building management at Fresh Start, and IoT is not a replacement for our building facilities management team and their ability to lead a cohesive team and develop smart maintenance strategies. By utilising leading technology and highly trained team members, Fresh start is able to deliver superior building facility management.  

Smart technologies are implemented to make Fresh Start more efficient and effective at building facilities management. Smart technologies allow our building managers to keep an eye on the performance of your assets, such as elevators or air conditioning units, they detect potential issues that may be difficult, or even impossible to detect with conventional hands-on building and facilities management.

If you’d like to discuss our building facilities management at Fresh Start in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, or our Remote Monitoring Sensor Program, contact us today.


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