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The internet of things revolutionises facility management services in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane Australia

The way we look after facilities is changing forever, thanks in huge part to the internet of things and facility management software. No longer do damages or incidents take weeks to become identified and dealt with— thanks to the improvement of sensor technology and wireless networks, it has now become possible to monitor, from a distance, all aspect of a building in real time.

The benefits to building occupants and owners are endless, ranging from improved safety to lowering wastage and cost and providing convenience. There is no denying that smart facility technology is here to stay and is transforming the way humans interact with built structures forever. As an organisation that specialises in facility and business management services, Fresh Start Australia is across these technology advancements, and we have systems in place helping our clients save time and money.

What are the benefits of ‘smart buildings’?

‘Intelligent’ buildings monitor resource consumption and automate preventative maintenance programs based usage and early warning signals. Smart buildings also collect data that helps building owners know when the facilities are not performing properly or efficiently. In basic terms, having this technology installed in a building reduces energy costs, wastage, and greatly improves the experience of occupants.

We estimate that up to 80% of a building’s life cycle costs are related to building operations, and savvy owners are making investments by either retrofitting older buildings with the sensor and wireless technology or building new facilities with the latest inbuilt IoT technologies. Whatever the direction, it is clear to see that the best approach to building management is to move with the times and have these technologies installed.

How is facility management software changing commercial buildings?

  • IoT-enabled building management systems are used to reduce energy use, repair and maintenance and significantly lower building administrative costs. Property owners, and organisations that offer facility management services can use data collected by motion sensors to regulate the building.
  • The management software has the ability to pre-empt maintenance issues and reduce costly reactive maintenance as well as resource leaks caused by systems in need of repairs such as cooling, plumbing, or electrical systems. As an example, a customer of Fresh Start installed our software on his roof and was able to identify a leak before it became critical— saving him time and large sums of money.
  • Building owners can enhance the appeal and value of their facilities by offering technology that delivers comfort and convenience to its residents.
  • The IoT facility management software can be used for monitoring any events or changes in structural conditions that can compromise safety.

Many commercial buildings are operated in a primitive way with building owners lacking basic visibility into the infrastructure they are responsible for. You need to ask the question to your facility management provider and discover if they are progressive with the technology they rely on.

We suggest contacting us as we’re an Integrated Facility Management firm that provides value to their clients by offering the latest in sensor IoT and building management technology. Our approach is fully flexible; we can retrofit older buildings into “Intelligent buildings” or work from recently built smart facilities.

Contact us today to see what our building management team can do for you.

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