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The Circular Waste Economy

Separating your recycling and placing items in the right bins does not guarantee that your waste is being re-used or it is not being sent into a landfill. Since other have stopped accepting waste from Australia, we have seen the amount of recyclable materials sent to landfill grow.

To stop this products and services that are made out of materials that have been recycled in Australia need to be purchased.

Fresh Start Australia can support organisations looking to participate in both ends of the Circular Waste Economy, providing a waste management solution and also as a distributor of recycled products. Our product range is made up of items manufactured from recycled plastics and glass.

FSA works with our clients to also create bespoke products that are utilised specifically in their organisation or project, from the waste that they have created. The best way to ensure your recycled waste is being manufactured into a useful product is to buy it back.

FSA can design for you a circular waste economy solution that can give your waste a useful life within your organisation. Contact us to learn how.

Circular Economy to Save Money

Buying items created by your own waste can save you money........ TWICE!

By recycling more and reducing the waste going into landfill you will be saving money on your waste bills straight away.

Secondly, through a properly designed circular economy waste management solution, procurement costs for items used in your business can reduce.

Savings can be achieved through cheaper prices upfront for the recycled product or through lower whole of life costs. Example of lower whole of life costs would be using a wood substitute product created from recycled plastic. The recycled product would not degrade, require treatment such as staining or painting nor would it be under threat by termites or other insects.


Fresh Start Australia can provide a range of quality products manufactured out of recycled plastic and glass waste. We supply a range of products that are manufactured using plastic waste that would typically be sent to landfill as it contains contamination from food or other products. This waste includes shrinkwrap with labels still attached, coffee cups not washed out, plastic with food present, gardening bags with traces of product like soil or fertiliser present.

Range of products currently produced from plastic waste include:

Bollards, Car Wheel Stops, Fence Posts, Landscape Edging. Outdoor Furniture. Timber Substitutes. For businesses utilising 3D printing technologies we can provide recycled plastic filament.

Our range of products made from recycled glass includes tiles perfect for bathrooms and kitchens, and stone bench top equivalent products with the same strength and characteristics.

New products manufactured from plastic and glass waste can be developed for organisations to their specifications.

FSA's plastic timber substitutes can be used to create many solutions in construction and on work sites such as walkways, decks, sound barriers, retaining walls, sleepers, garden stakes and agricultural fencing. Plastic has several benefits as a wood replacement such as no risk of termites or pests, harder wearing, no maintenance or upkeep, no splintering or cracking and no degradation from water.

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