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Why You Should Be Considering Corporate Cleaning Services for Your School In Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney

To put it simply, schools are breeding grounds for germs. Especially in their younger years, children touch everything and are still learning the correct practices for hygiene and germ control. Although the common cold and other schoolyard illnesses are unavoidable and aid in the development of children’s immune systems, it is important to continue to work to combat the spread of germs. By employing a professional corporate cleaning service you ensure that the standard of cleaning matches the hygienic needs of your school.

Children are highly vulnerable to catching and spreading sicknesses. As their immune systems haven’t fully developed, common colds can be spread very easily. Sickness does not differentiate between young and old, and teachers are then very susceptible to the sicknesses the students have. Although such things are most commonly spread via direct contact, it is important to consider the cleanliness of the environment around the children. Chairs, tables, lockers, doors and just about any surface around the school should be cleaned professionally to avoid the spread of germs.

The benefits of corporate cleaning services far exceed just keeping children healthy. Schools are businesses, and businesses should always be excellently presented. Employing corporate cleaning services for your school will leave your school looking pristine and presentable. The school should be appealing to the parents whose children attend the school as they are your businesses clients, and you won’t attract or retain new clients if your business is unkempt or dirty.

Different areas of your school will need to be cleaned using different cleaning methods, and if not done professionally they won’t be done correctly or as thoroughly as they need to be. The canteen, for instance, will need to be cleaned in accordance with food hygiene standards and laws while the bathrooms will need to be sanitised and cleaned with different products and materials. This is where a corporate cleaning service will correctly tackle the build-up of dirt every day which will ensure the school is running as hygienically and clean as possible.

Another important factor to consider when hiring a corporate cleaning service for your school is the use of toxic cleaning chemicals. Due to the frequency that children come in contact with school property, it is imperative to consider the properties of the cleaning chemicals that are used and the damage these can have on the wellbeing of those who frequent the school.

Fresh Start Australia is proud to employ the Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO) system, which allows us to decrease chemical use by 80 to 100%. SAO replaces harmful cleaning chemicals with water that is turned into a sanitised cleaning agent.

By eliminating the use of harmful toxins and chemicals when providing cleaning services, Fresh Start Australia is a leading choice for schools who are looking for thorough corporate cleaning services in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

Get in contact with us today to hear more about our corporate cleaning services in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

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