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Corporate Cleaning Company

Why it is Important to Hire a Corporate Cleaning Company in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane

Being surrounded by clutter, dealing with overflowing bins and seeing a coat of dust covering your desk equates to an uncomfortable office environment. A continuous list of small tedious tasks can distract staff from concentrating on their important jobs. Being distracted by mess and dirt leads to an unproductive team. By employing a corporate cleaning company to tackle your corporate cleaning service needs, you will be ensuring that there are no small tasks for your staff to be distracted by.

A corporate cleaning company will do all of the jobs you don’t want to

Perhaps your carpet needs stains removed, or your windows are full of smudges. A lot of the corporate cleaning tasks just cannot be performed in the space of an hour by staff members that may or may not have some spare time in the afternoon. Hiring a corporate cleaning company means the big tasks will not only get done, but they will be done correctly and thoroughly.

A thorough corporate cleaning service will promote good health

Bad health is not just a result of sudden weather changes, poor sleep or poor eating. Grime, dust and a generally unkempt work environment can cause the common cold, induce hay fever symptoms and allergies or have an impact on staff mental health and morale. It is imperative that the corporate environment that we work in is clean and sanitary. The office is everyone’s second home. Spending a lot of time in an unsanitary place can negatively impact a workers ability to hit their targets and produce work of a high standard. 

A clean office is an office you love working in

Having a clean corporate environment is an imperative requirement to running a successful business. You can not expect staff to produce high-quality work in a low quality work environment. As well as promoting positive mental and physical health, a corporate cleaning company can ensure that your workspace is a source of productivity and inspiration, not a place to procrastinate and fall into a negative headspace.

Properly executed corporate cleaning services will give you an office that you are proud to work in on a daily bases. If clients and customers see a neat, clean work environment, they are likely to associate the cleanliness with a high functioning and professional team and quality services or products.

Reduce your carbon footprint with an environmentally conscious corporate cleaning company

At Fresh Start Australia in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney, we are continuously finding ways to protect the planet we live on. By integrating Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO) system, we have been able to reduce the chemicals onsite by replacing chemicals with treated water. To create water into a cleaning chemical, the SAO exposes air to a small electrical charge that changes the water into a cleaning agent. After six days the water returns to its original chemical state meaning no chemical trace is left behind.

Employing a corporate cleaning company for all corporate cleaning services will lead to a healthy work environment, encourage staff to be productive and will foster positive attitudes towards work.

To find your perfect corporate cleaning company match call Fresh Start Australia in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane. Contact us on 1300 859 361 on for a quote today.

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