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The Benefit of Outsourcing Facility Management and Maintenance for Non For Profit Housing Associations in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane

A facility maintenance companies role transcends just performing standard upkeep and managing the day to day maintenance tasks of properties. Those who provide facility management services should be a non-for-profits housing association’s first point of contact for any upkeep needs.

The benefits in outsourcing facility management and maintenance for non-for-profit housing associations are tenfold and can are categorised into two primary approaches. Active facility maintenance management and preventative facility maintenance management are both equally important and beneficial to any housing association in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

By having a facility management company on call for emergency and unforeseen facility maintenance jobs, non-for-profit organisations relieve the pressure off their on-hand staff to attend to maintenance issues that they are likely unqualified to do.

For example, an apartment might get flooded, and the room needs to be drained, the carpet needs to be appropriately managed, and damages to electrical equipment need to be dealt with quickly, correctly and professionally. It would be inconvenient and unsafe to assume that staff on hand would be equipped to manage the damage correctly, let alone have the time or resources to do so.

Alternatively looking to contract last-minute tradespeople or handymen for a one-off job will leave non-for-profit organisations dealing with large bills that could have otherwise been avoided with a contracted facility management team. By fostering a long-standing relationship with facility maintenance companies, non-for-profits can benefit from the ongoing support the partnerships can provide.  

Furthermore, this entire scenario could have been prevented with correctly executive preventative methods used by facility maintenance companies with comprehensive facility management services. Employing a facility management service company ensures that the buildings and rooms in housing associations are equipped and maintained to withstand multiple problems that can arise.

Fresh Start Australia offers sensor technology as apart of our building facilities management services. Our sensor technology, The Internet of Things (IoT) interconnects everyday objects and appliances via the internet, allowing our facility management team to monitor and obtain data on machinery, key assets and technology. With 24 hour surveillance, Fresh Start Australia can successfully monitor and manage properties constantly, thus preventing any big scale issues that can arise from neglected problems.

By outsourcing their facility management services in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane Fresh Start Australia can relieve the burden and stress of property maintenance off non-for-profit housing associations by tackling all the tedious or unforeseen property maintenance tasks that could be overlooked by staff that are otherwise occupied.

To get a quote for ongoing facility management services and facility maintenance in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney contact us today.

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