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Aged Care Facility Waste Solutions

Waste management 

Like every organisation, all aged care facilities in Australia produce waste. Throughout the whole facility, waste is created – in the kitchens, dining rooms, living and in admin areas. The management of waste can be an afterthought, a necessary expense that you have little control over, other than getting quotes from large waste companies that all look the same. As well as a cost, waste is likely the most significant imprint that an aged care facility has on the environment, with waste going to landfill one of Australia’s most significant causes of CO2 emissions. 

Waste Audit

A free, no-obligation audit of your current waste practises from Fresh Start Australia (FSA) can outline a way for your facility to start saving money immediately and open a pathway to reducing the impact on the environment created by your operations. After the waste audit, FSA will supply you with a proposal to manage your waste requirements going forward – with guaranteed savings and a guideline on what can be done to improve the facility’s environmental footprint.

Fresh Start Australia

FSA is a single source waste management company, working with our clients to find a waste solution that fits their requirements and organisational goals. Unlike traditional waste management companies, we have no landfill facilities or trucks, and therefore do not need to hit landfill and truck utilisation targets. Our focus is on customer service and creating a solution for our clients’ that matches their needs. Our buying power provides our customers with pricing they would not be able to achieve going direct meaning we offer an improved service cheaper.

The FSA approach to waste management is based on achieving three primary goals to our clients:

  1. Maximise operational savings and environmental benefit.
  2. Introduce innovation and continuous improvement for the duration of the agreement to meet increased cost reduction, sustainability goals and improved occupational health and safety on clients’ sites
  3. Improved customer service and accounts management, including simplified invoicing and one number to call for all waste requirements

Maximise Operational Savings

Most aged care facilities are unable to extract the best pricing proposal out of waste companies. The traditional waste management company is a large organisation that prices each contract differently, based on their internal requirements. Their focus is based on ensuring that their facilities and assets running at full utilisation. 

Due to our buying power and existing relationships, we can obtain from waste management companies far better pricing than is available to the market and use our market experience and knowledge to question terms and conditions to improve the pricing provided. As we have no loyalty to specific waste companies and spread our business across all providers, we can choose the partner or partners that are best placed to service our clients. This buying power will mean you will start saving money on waste from day one with FSA.

Innovation and Continuous Improvement

FSA’s core value is to reduce the amount of waste that is going into landfill each year and finding the best ways to re-use or recycle the waste created by our clients. Waste management is one of the only industries when done correctly, where tangible and instant environmental benefits, can work hand in hand with cost reductions. General waste or waste going to landfill is generally most companies most substantial waste cost, so diverting this is a simple way to reduce costs.

Traditional waste companies often also state this goal, but they have large investment in equipment and infrastructure that they require to utilise. The benefit of our flexible approach is that we have no allegiance to a traditional waste processing model or supplier, and we can work with clients to find the best solution for them. 

One of the most significant contributors to waste in an aged care facility is food waste. Food waste sitting in a landfill in Australia creates as much CO2 as 3 million new cars added to the road. There are several ways that food waste can now be diverted away from landfill, none of which are available through large waste management companies. Such innovations being created by disruptors to the market, who specialise in one area and cannot compete with larger companies full-service approach. These businesses are a threat to traditional waste companies, so they choose to work with FSA as a preferred route to market, giving our clients first access to this innovation and savings.

Innovation is not limited to food, and we have processes and partners than work with us on soft plastics, glass, co-mingled recycling and most other waste streams where people are working out better ways to divert waste from landfill.

FSA can provide advice on labour saving and improved OHS devices such as balers, bin tippers and composters that will assist your staff in managing waste. Common issues on-site include needing to lift rubbish into large skip bins which requires your employees to lift heavy weights above their shoulders risking injury and breaking down of boxes manually on site.

Customer Service and Accounts Management

FSA manages all waste categories, including general waste, recycling, grease traps and liquid waste, hygiene bins, secure destruction bins, and all other waste groups. For all services, we offer our clients’ a single point of contact for the management of these categories, including flexible invoicing, management of KPIs and quality of the services.

We supply an account manager to speak to about any issues or concerns. This can be across one facility or a whole group. We provide invoicing to meet your requirements, be that a single invoice for all services or broken down to service types and cost centres.

Reporting on KPIs, waste volumes and diversion from landfill will be supplied monthly and can be used for internal reporting, board papers and marketing materials.

Next Steps

Contact Fresh Start Australia on 1300 859 361 or to organise a free, no-obligation waste audit for your facility and start saving money on waste management as soon as possible.

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