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Corporate Facilities Management

Understanding Superior Facility Management Services in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Actively managing assets and facilities is integral to the efficient and sustainable operation of any company, which is why businesses in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane need outstanding facility management services. Within a business context, a facility services company can help to align organisational objectives with resources to achieve higher efficiency in core business activities.

Facility management services support and enhance business value by helping to deliver strategic and operational goals. Superior facility management companies are able to provide a holistic view of what the organisation owns, its condition, location and when it needs to be maintained. At Fresh Start Australia, our facility management services aren’t restricted to cleaning and maintenance like some facility management companies. Other facility management services we offer include; procurement, supply chain management, project management, capital planning and more.

It is important to note that facility management services should not stop at implementation. When a facility services company implements a facility management plan in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane, this is just the beginning. At Fresh Start, our attention to detail and ability to grow with the demands of your business is what sets us apart. We specialise in full turnkey facility management services, to monitor and maintain buildings and assets. Our clients experience the benefits of our 24-hour help desk and online portal which allow us to manage all trades and services necessary to keep your building fully operational.

Your facility services company should go above and beyond the ensure the smooth running of your assets, equipment and building because after all, you cannot run an effective business if machinery and buildings are operating inefficiently. At Fresh Start Australia, our information technology and telecommunication infrastructure allows our staff in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to manage the needs of your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Help Desk provides the scheduling of jobs with field staff, meaning we have real-time information about where our staff are and their trajectory for job completion.

Facility management services is about paying attention to detail in the workings, efficiency and life cycle of business assets, buildings and machinery. An excellent facility management strategy can deliver significant financial and performance improvements to your business. And technology has a vital role in ensuring the success of these strategies, which is why Fresh Start offers a remote monitoring sensor programme to monitor each asset and assist in managing the lifecycle of the asset. This allows us to provide comprehensive facility management services.

If you’d like to explore how Fresh Start facility management services can improve your business function, contact us today or further explore our facility management solutions.

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