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Building Manager

Are you a Building Manager? Fresh Start Australia can help

Are you a Building Manager? Fresh Start Australia can help with Building Management and Facilities Management in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

When it comes to building management, we are equipped to handle your building, whether it be commercial or residential to the highest quality.

FSA can supply the full range of preventative and reactive facilities management services. We specialise in offering a total turnkey solution for our clients. FSA holds accreditation in ISO9001, ISO14001 and AS NZS 4801.

Our clients can choose to use FSA across the full solution, or individual requirements, whichever suits your needs. FSA’s systems and processes allow us to approach and complete each job in the most efficient and cost-effective approach saving our clients’ money. FSA also offers the capability to undertake small to medium size construction projects.

FSA’s 24/7 Helpdesk and online customer portal provide our clients with the regular supervision of maintenance of their sites. All our technicians are integrated into our system via our field app on their phone or tablets. Our paperless and integrated systems allow us to provide the highest level of service with limited overhead cost requirements.

Via our Integrated Software platform and connectivity:

  • Our technicians are equipped with GPS tracking devices and wirelessly update the status of each work order. This provides you with the state of all job order, response rate, and time to completion.
  • When they are onsite completing the job, our technicians access to our field app. This allows them to review the requirements of their task, communicate with our helpdesk via instant messaging, and raise any concerns or issues that need to be communicated. Technicians take photos before and after the work via the app that can be supplied to clients. Photos are available to the helpdesk instantly.
  • Our technicians are equipped with GPS tracking devices and wirelessly update the status of each work order, providing you with the state of all job orders, response rates, and time to completion.
  • Client’s are given the opportunity to instantly evaluate our technician and their work, allowing best in class quality monitoring standards; like an UberTM for your facilities management.
  • Where there is a significant difference between the work order and the actual issue on site, our technicians can via the field app create a quote. The quotes can be turned around instantly to our clients for approval, reducing lag time between the issue being corrected.
  • FSA provides best of class BI reporting that can cover off all required SLA’s, and provides transparency to all work, closely monitors cost and activity.

Preventative Maintenance

FSA aim is to be the leading innovator in the IFM market; to supply the most cost-efficient, environmentally safe solution that keeps our clients and their people, safe, happy and comfortable. A service that provides to our clients the most efficient way to manage the lifecycle of their assets. FSA can create a full preventative maintenance programme for any client ensuring that you obtain the best economic benefits from your assets.

We achieve this by using the best technology available in the market. With our full lifecycle management of assets, we use Internet Of Things (IOT) Sensor technology. IOT Sensors allow FSA to remotely have diagnostics available on our client’s assets 24 hours a day. The sensors alert our staff when key assets are entering amber and red zones and require attention. The early alert enables our technicians to be onsite to correct an issue before it becomes material and before it is even known to your staff and clients.

IOT Sensors allows FSA to retrofit any building, no matter its age or condition into a Smart Building. We have sensors that can be configured to monitor remotely most scenarios, including:

  • HVAC Systems
  • Refrigeration issues
  • Automate HACCP Temp Logging
  • Detect plumbing and leaks
  • Monitor Data Centre Temp Control
  • Electricity consumption
  • UPS Power Interruption
  • Light
  • Flooding
  • Roller Door breakdowns
  • Security system integrity
  • Motor and pump health

The data obtained from the sensors ensures we have a technician present whenever your assets are at risk or are not working at optimal levels. Data from the sensors is available to clients via a user-friendly dashboard.

Cost Reductions

Our preventative maintenance programme using IOT Sensors saves you money, by:

  • Enabling technician callouts to be scheduled, reducing call out fees and any out of hours costs
  • Ensuring assets are serviced promptly when they begin to struggle. Properly maintaining your asset will lengthen their life and replacement cycle
  • Reducing energy drain, when assets are running below optimal levels. Making the asset greener
  • Monitoring energy consumption in real-time allowing changes to be made to reduce consumption and eliminate power bill-shock
  • Where an asset is holding critical stock, such as refrigeration early notification of issues can prevent stock loss in the case of an assets failure

To see how we can help you in building management and facilities management in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney contact us today.

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