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Technology and Sustainability — How they go hand in hand

Technology and Sustainability — How they go hand in hand with corporate cleaning services in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney – Fresh Start Australia.

It is no secret that in today’s world, all corporate cleaning organisations must be looking for ways to transform their business into a sustainable enterprise. Not only is this to reduce your impact on the environment, but also to reduce costs and keep your employees healthy.

As a corporate facilities management leader, it is key to stay up to date with the most innovative technology and the best ‘green’ practices. Previously we have touched on how important waste reduction and chemical reduction is to our business, but let’s take a look at how we combat environmental issues using the latest technology.

What’s wrong with simply using green chemicals?

It may be an obvious one, but one of the ways in which the corporate cleaning services leave an environmental footprint is through the use of chemicals. Lately, there has been a huge focus on shifting to green chemicals and although this is a positive step in the right direction, it only slightly lessens the issues associated with using chemicals.

Greener cleaning chemicals still create a large environmental footprint, and there are a number of issues associated with them. The manufacturing and supply chain that goes into the creation of green chemicals has an enormous impact on the environment. Chemicals are then needed to be stored in containers, often plastic that is sent either into landfill or to our under-resourced recycling centres. Then the logistics of transporting the chemicals to and from corporate facilities management worksites also contributes to the carbon footprint.

As for cleaning chemicals, whether they are green or not are a non-renewable product, the whole process from factory to the point of use is a never-ending cycle, creating an increased impact on the environment through emissions, waste creation and the use of a lot of energy and water each clean.

Arguably the most important impact of these chemicals is that they make their way back into our waterways, adding a non-natural component to the environment. Yes, this component may break down faster than the traditional chemicals we see in cleaning materials and products, but still, have the ability to cause short-term detriment. Recent studies in the US have shown the presence of cleaning chemicals in marine life, including seafood used for human consumption.

What else can we do? And how does technology fit into this?

One of the points that set Fresh Start Australia apart is our innovation and approach to technology. We are using top range systems to reduce our carbon footprint and embrace innovation. Corporate facilities management organisations can take advantage of the advancements, and go a step further than using green chemicals. Our corporate cleaning services include the use of highly effective water treatment technology that turns water into a cleaning and sanitising agent, more effective than chlorine and bleach. Here’s a bit of insight into someone of the technologies that we are using.

Tersano Lotus Pro

This high capacity wall mount unit transforms water into stabilised aqueous ozone on the spot. It produces a flow of approximately 11 litres per minute— which is easily used in spray bottles, mop buckets, floor cleaners and auto scrubbers. It provides a residue-free performance for a longer lasting clean and has a low slip hazard. The treated water is actually up to 50% more powerful than some of the harsher chemicals. This means that our corporate cleaning services can be supplied at the highest level required while reducing our environmental footprint.

Read more about how Fresh Start Australia values innovation. For all your corporate cleaning services and corporate facilities management in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney please get in touch.

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