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Sustainable Cleaning – How Fresh Start Australia stays green and keeps employees happy.

An integral aspect of corporate facilities management is the cleaning industry. Just as we can use the newest technology and clean energy practices in our building management, our corporate cleaning is treated with the same respect and professionalism.  However, just like any industry, corporate facilities management is faced with its own set of challenges.

Corporate cleaning services are no longer a case of hot water & detergent, a mop and bucket and some elbow grease— Here are three common problems faced by the cleaning industry easily solved.

Reducing and Replacing chemicals

Fresh Start Australia is committed to reducing our environmental footprint. In facilities management, the use of chemicals is one of the areas that causes the greatest negative effect on the environment

One of the areas that causes the greatest negative effect on the environment is through the usage of chemicals.

Lately, there has been a huge focus on providing cleaning services with the use of

environmentally friendly chemicals. This is a positive step in the right direction, but corporate cleaning still has a long way to go. Chemicals considered to be ‘green’ still can leave a large environmental footprint. When it comes to corporate cleaning services,  some of the most common practices in place such as the use of containers (which still go to landfill and clog up recycling channels) are still causing detriment to the environment.

As a corporate facilities manager, what are we doing to combat this?

To counter this Fresh Start Australia is looking to technology to reduce the impact cleaning our client’s sites has on the environment. We are embracing water treatment technology that turns water into a cleaning and sanitising agent more effective than chlorine and bleach.

Fresh Start Australia utilise the highly developed Tersano Lotus Pro and iClean Mini system in all our cleaning contracts. The system creates a small electrical charge, to add an additional oxygen atom to air, effectively turning O2 into O3. This O3 is then infused with water to create Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO), a cleaning agent that will remain as a sanitiser for 24 hours and a cleaner for 6 days.

The oxygen then returns to its natural state, leaving no environmental footprint.

The system has reduced our chemical consumption when providing cleaning services immensely. The level of chemical reduction varies from site to site, but on some sites we have been able to manage the cleaning services without using any chemicals and at worst we have reduced our usage by 80%. SAO as a cleaning agent is stronger than bleach, so it does not compromise on the quality of the cleaning service.

Employee moral & attracting quality candidates

The corporate cleaning services industry has a continued high turnover rate, so businesses must do their part to ensure that their employees are happy, and will stay on at the job for an extended period of time. Staff who are in the corporate facilities management world should be equipped to handle any situation and should feel appreciated by their colleagues and management.

Providing your staff with the right training, vital information about company news and information will give them a sense of belonging and help decrease turnover.

The Tersano Lotus Pro that we talked about earlier helps out here also. As the system replaces chemicals, staff training is easier. Another added benefit is that  SAO is a safer product than chemicals, being as harmful as water. This eliminates issues such as eye splash injuries, skin irritations and accidental consumption, keeping the Fresh Start Australia staff happier and healthier.

Take a look at how we can provide your office with top quality corporate cleaning services.


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