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Facilities Management

Why Fresh Start Australia Facilities Management is More Efficient and Effective than ever in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Building and facilities management are essential to the efficient and safe success of all public and private organisations. Which is why it is important to choose the most effective and flexible corporate facilities management service available. Fresh Start Australia prides itself on providing leading facility management services in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Corporate facilities management is a multidisciplinary functionality that is used to ensure the built environment surrounding the organisation including people, processes and technology are adeptly integrated to ensure effective cohesion.

By utilising leading-edge technology such as the Internet of Things (IoT) sensor technology to improve preventative maintenance, Fresh Start Australia is able to provide building and facilities management that is more efficient and effective than ever to organisations across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.  

The Internet of Things is the interconnection of everyday objects and appliances via the internet by embedding computing devices to send a receive data. We use IoT sensor technology in building facilities management to obtain data about the status of machinery, key assets and technology.

The remote sensor technology allows us to provide superior facilities management because it notifies Fresh Start Australia when something is not quite right – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Once a potential facility management problem is identified we can send our facilities management staff located across Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney to fix the problem before it causes a more sizeable facilities crisis. Our facilities management team can often identify and fix a problem even before your staff, occupants and clients notice something is wrong.

This way our building facilities management team can ensure the safety and comfort of your clients whilst ensuring the integrity of the building or components meet global facilities management provider benchmarks.

The Internet of Things is transforming the corporate facilities management world and it is becoming increasingly important to take advantage of such technologies that promote safety. In facilities management, Fresh Start Australia favours the utilisation of IoT due to its cost-effectiveness and improvement to service levels. Because of its ability to identify threats before they eventuate, the Fresh Start Australia facilities management team can tailor a full preventative maintenance programme for you to ensure that your assets are as efficient as possible. Within building facilities management this can be as simple as preventing a roller door breakdown, or as complex as the detection of excessive electricity and consumption.

The integration of IoT into facilities management also increases environmental safety as sensors can be used to reduce the likelihood of plumbing, drainage and chemical leaks, unnecessary energy consumption, filter health and more. The optimal running of these components is integral to efficient and effective facilities management and Fresh Start Australia is proud to be able to offer and manage such advanced, cost-effective technology as part of our corporate facilities management services across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

To understand how we can help you reach your efficiency targets through facilities management, contact us today.

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