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How Fresh Start Australia is Revolutionising Corporate Cleaning Services in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

At Fresh Start Australia we focus our corporate cleaning and management services on quality, innovation and sustainability. By utilising information technology and telecommunication infrastructure we can ensure our staff manage the corporate cleaning service needs of our clients quickly, efficiently and effectively.

We created our Online Customer Portal to individualise client experience and ensure that our clients in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane have full access to, and understanding of, how their assets are managed. On our Online Customer Portal, you have the ability to monitor the performance of our corporate cleaning service staff on your site, organise an ad hoc cleaning request or schedule periodicals like carpet cleaning and window cleaning.

Our Online Customer Portal is integral in the distribution and management of client cleaning services because it allows our corporate clients to monitor preventative maintenance services, and any work scheduled for the future.

Each portal can be tailored to provide for different levels of visibility within your Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane based organisation. This allows our clients to access full financial reporting including a breakdown of costs based on agreed cost centres, whilst our staff have access to information necessary to execute daily job requirements.

Along with our Online Customer Portal, all corporate cleaning services clients are provided with 24-hour access to the Fresh Start Australia Help Desk, seven days a week. Our Help Desk regulates and monitors the scheduling of corporate cleaning service and management jobs amongst our field staff.

Our field staff in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane access all information online via smartphones and tablets. As well as providing an information hub for our staff the applications, simultaneously, provide us with the location of our staff in real-time so that we can understand what jobs have been completed and when they will move onto the next corporate cleaning service or management job.

Whilst we are very focused on the quality and delivery of our corporate cleaning services, we are equally invested in providing environmentally friendly services to ensure that we minimise our environmental impact. By utilising water treatment technology we reduce the need for on-site chemicals by at least 80% and as much as 100% within our corporate cleaning services.  This then reduces the need to produce these chemicals, as well as reducing the abundance of such chemicals in our waterways.

At Fresh Start Australia we want to ensure that your needs are not only met but exceeded and we believe that the combination of our comprehensive Online Customer Portal and 24 hour Help Desk allow us to provide corporate cleaning services in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane which surpass the expectations of our clients to deliver the highest quality business environments.

If you would like more information about innovation at Fresh Start Australia or our corporate cleaning services in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane please contact us.

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