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Combating Vacancy and Asset Sustainability

Combating Vacancy and Asset Sustainability – Offering facility management services and building management in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney – Fresh Start

At Fresh Start Australia, we take sustainability very seriously. We understand that in today’s world, having a sustainable building as well as maintaining environmentally friendly practices are some of the most critical aspects of building management. The way in which we go about our facility management services is a testament to using the latest technologies and waste reduction techniques.

Sustainability Victoria recently published “Mid-Tier Offices Investment Performance Study” that outlined the potential opportunities for Building Managers in attracting tenants and also increase the value of their property by improving the Green Credentials of the building. The trend of improved environmental credentials for a building resulting in higher occupancies and higher property evaluations was true across all markets nationally but specifically high in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Fresh Start Australia understands that in many cases owners and building managers look at improving a building’s environmental footprint as too complex and too costly. We are here to show you that improving the environmental credentials of any building, no matter its age and status is achievable and far less expensive than expected. Improvements that provide a great ROI for building managers and often cost reductions from their current service offering.

As a leading facilities management provider, FSA is on the ball and currently providing many services as a part of our packages, offering a full rounded service. The article in the financial review stated that “as many as 80% of all buildings that will be in Australia by 2050 are already built”.

This means going forward with the utmost attention being paid to our assets and making sure they are up to date. Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways that we are working to ensure the future is bright for building management.

IoT Sensor Technology

IoT Sensor technology is at the forefront of the  FSA service offering. As well as being an invaluable tool to reduce costs and improve the buildings day to day running, IoT Sensors play an important role in assisting a building’s sustainability.

IoT Sensors enable FSA to have 24/7 information on the performance of the key assets in a building. This is used in our Preventative Maintenance Division in order to keep assets fully functional. Fully functional assets run at a more optimal level and consume less energy in their running. Assets such as Air Conditioning make up a high percentage of a building’s energy spend, maintaining these correctly through motion sensors, energy consumption sensors and temperature sensors enable FSA to have these units in optimal condition.

Energy metering sensors enable us to track the energy consumption to give a real-time feedback on assets or tenancies that may be draining more energy than usual.

All information is available for easily understood information, with dashboards showing real-time information available to Building Managers.

Elimination of Cleaning Chemicals

FSA utilises Tersano Lotus Pro systems within our cleaning division. The system through a process called Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO) converts normal tap water into a cleaning agent more effective than chlorine and bleach. Since implementing this into our facility management services, we have been able to eradicate 80-100% of chemicals needed in a building. The system is GECA approved, and when installed and utilised within a building, gives a building a building an additional ½ star in their NABERS rating.

Waste Management

There is a waste crisis in Australia, and it is the responsibility of each of us to reduce the amount of waste going into landfill and to ensure recyclables are being directed to the correct waste stream. Building managers have an important role in managing this, by putting in place processes and systems to ensure that buildings are fitted with the correct disposal channels for all kinds of waste.

One of the main issues with high waste levels in buildings is the disconnect between the people who put the rubbish into the bins in the basement bins – the cleaners – and the people who take the rubbish away – the waste management companies. This disconnect often means waste is not correctly deployed and businesses end up spending more money on waste management, as neither the waste company or the cleaner is incentivised to reduce waste.

The best way of reducing this is by entrusting a business to manage the whole process.

Fresh Start Australia has had great success in taking over the full process for property owners and Building Managers, reducing their overall waste and the costs associated FSA negotiates directly with the waste providers getting a cheaper cost of services based on our greater buying power and flexible terms that encourage waste reductions. Our cleaners are trained to review waste and place them into the correct streams.  We offer commitments around waste reduction and cost savings.

We work with the Building Managers to implement processes with your tenancies to ensure waste is going into the correct stream. We provide reporting and checks to give feedback on areas where tenants are failing to use the systems and processes in place and assist in educating tenants and their staff on correct processes.

For larger buildings, or buildings that have commercial kitchens and restaurants we have food waste management streams that can remove 100% of food waste from landfill, through composting solutions – where the compost is removed and deployed on farms to assist with reducing soil degradation.

For facility management services, facilities management providers and building management in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney contact us today.

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